Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 2 - Mecation

Today was simply beautiful.  Too wonderful to spend all day inside shops!  I hit a few places and then took a ride so my purchases aren't much today!

I need another mug like I need another hole in my head but seriously, how could I resist this for only .97 cents?  Really.  I don't think it was ever used.

Tupperware juice cups!
Yep, yet another Dymo label maker.  Might have to keep this one, look at all the label tapes I got with it!  Purple!  Who knew?
I really MUST stay out of this next place.  I cannot resist their papers and I certainly don't need any more papers!  

This is a huge pack of paper.  It's called Experience Paper.  Has the lines that look like practice paper on one side and on the second side, there's a blank area at the top and then the lines start about half way down. I was told it is so you can draw a photo on the top part and write a story in the rest of the area!  It's a very large size, too.
 What can I say, it was on sale!
 They were having a book sale so I stopped in to look for any Stuart Woods books for the hubby.  He is down to only needing a few more!

I got lucky.  One down, two more to go!!  And the best part?  It was a whopping .80 cents!

How adorable is this?

Okay, not the box but what is in it.  It's a tiny little wallpaper type border!  

I've stayed at this hotel so many times and things have been changing all around it.  I knew they were building a small strip type mall but I didn't know they were going to add a new road.  It's pretty cool.  

I was standing at my window, watching people come and go and I looked across to where they are building this strip mall and noticed something.  Huh?  Seriously?  Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

 Those are tombstones?  I think I'll ask to stay on the other side of the hotel from now on.

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VintageVendor said...

OMG. I'm in love with your label maker and ALL of the tapes that came with it. What a find.