Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day Three - Mecation

I packed a ton in today because the weather might be nasty tomorrow.  Lots of photos today!

I started the day at a flea market.  There was a couple there that came from close to where I live!  They aren't dealers, just people trying to unload a bunch of items that were left to them.  I made out very well!

First thing I purchased were these napkins for embroidery.  A set of six!
 Then, I was looking at some bags of Christmas items:
 Various Santa picks marked $6.00
 Pipe cleaner angels and such, also marked $6.00.
She said I could have them for $10 but I decided to bundle, dang that American Pickers marathon I watched all night last night!
There was a box of vintage greeting cards.
They are in great condition and there were a bunch of post cards inside the box, too.
There's only 3 of the above and they are so awesome!  
The girl with the powder puff opens up with her hand popping up with a powder puff in it!
These are 3-D with various items popping out.  It doesn't show well but the bathtub is popped out as well as some of the other items.
Same way, the bed pops out!
A few more cards.
Close up of muff lady.
All the red on this one is flocked!  The two bags of picks and the cards?  $12.00 for all!
Then, they talked me into one last item, a puzzle for $1.00.  This one should keep my Mom busy for awhile!
Some  unusual Bakelite handled utensils.
Bakelite buckle
I've seen these before and even owned a few in my days.  I always called them Burwood.  What is Burwood anyway?  
 The original card shows something interesting!  It says 'a wood fibre (note the spelling) plastic'.  Wood fiber plastic?
A paint by number magazine rack for $4.00!!!!  

I'm tired!


Jennie said...

Faaaaabulous finds as always, Karen!!

VintageVendor said...

More great stuff. Love the cute greeting cards and those little picks are so darn cute.