Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day Four - Mecation

It was a dark and dreary day but I decided to go out and visit an indoor flea market.  Much to my surprise, there were some dealers outside, too!  I enjoyed looking around but couldn't spend any money.  Went inside and same thing, didn't purchase one item and I tried, I really tried!

I left there and went to a co-op.  Again, really had trouble spending money!  A lot of the dealers were having sales, anywhere from 15% to 50% off but could I find one single item in any of them?  NO!  Then, I came across this one dealer that had so many items to go through, I was having a ball.  But guess what?  Nothing was on sale in this booth!  That's just my luck.  But just take a look at what I did get!

I love these!  Will anyone else though?  They were described on the tag as plastic ornaments with stuff inside them!  LOL!
Don't tell me you don't think these are about the cutest ever!  Love the snowman with the tree and candy cane.
Do these have a real name?  On the tag, glitter snowman.

I did get a discount on these:
Ah, purple calico buttons!  I'll keep any I don't have in my collection and sell the rest.

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VintageVendor said...

OMG!! Those calico buttons are to die for.
Can never have enough purple!