Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vintage Shopping - Day 3

Not sure what my problem was today but I just wasn't in the best of moods!  I did more looking than spending but still had a wonderful day.  Here's my finds for the day.

First, if this doesn't keep the hubby out of trouble for a while, nothing will:

A box full of Stuart Woods books!

A tiny little hoe?  For a dollar, must have, it's so primitive!
Spotted these from a row back and promptly ended a conversation with a booth owner to run over:

Don't worry, I went back to finish the conversation.

At an antique coop, I purchased my first two Shiny Brite ornaments!  I have a bowl I wanted to fill with them last year but resisted, now it's time to start filling it.  These two are Jack and Jill.

A nice gentleman came over and asked me if I'd like him to take them to the register area so I can continue shopping and I said okay, so they give you a number.  I told him he'd better give me a good one and he didn't appreciate the pressure I put on him!  LOL!  Oh my, he gave me a crappy number, I was almost done when I ran into him again and told him, I'm not having any luck finding anything else I want.  He asked me what number I wanted and jokingly, I said #1.  I walked around and here he comes and tells me he found #1, here!  Now go walk through the coop again!  LOLOL!  As it turns out, I did decide on something and it happened to be in his booth.  He gave me a good discount and asked me if I was going to pay cash.  When I said yes, he offered to take more off the item if I didn't go through the checkout.  Is this legal?  Do I have to meet you out in the parking lot or something?  No, the dealers do it all the time.  Okay, deal.  Take a look!

It's a roll dispenser for wax paper etc.
But it's such a different shape, I just had to have it.
It needs a good cleaning but I'm sure it won't be a problem!

In the next shop, I found more Shiny Brites!  Please note, I will NOT use these for the wreath I want to do.

The two on the left, in the center and bottom slots, are NOT Shiny Brites but I loved the subjects and graphics.  Um, only $1.00 each!

Now, I tried to be patient.  But after waiting a while and these people were not getting out of my way, I couldn't wait any longer and decided I was about to push them out of my way.  I saw these beauties hanging on a wall, knew what they were and again, must haves.  They are the tiniest PBN's!  

Looked them up in the museum and they are only 4 x 5 1/2"!  They came in a box with another one that is 12 x 16, so now I have more searching to do for the missing on!  These are from the Painted Desert series.

After searching for more Christmas items for my wreath, I decided I have to return to the first place I visited on Thursday and really spend some time going through their misc. bags of Christmas items.  They have walls full at this thrift shop, so I guess I'll be late getting home!  :o)


VintageVendor said...

Looks like you had another great day! How many books did Stewart Woods write? LOL
Love those little paint by numbers and the primitive hoe.

Chanelle Ambrose said...

I love the ornaments! Did I miss exactly where you are? Where ever it is, sounds like super fun! I would never be able to get away with it. My hubby totally doesn't get it (one of his few flaws) but doesn't complain until the house gets to bursting (redeemed himself). Then I participate in a flea market or two.
Great to meet you and I will tune into your blog, or see you at CW
Chanelle (aka AmberRose)