Monday, October 1, 2012

Knitted Scarf

I really want to knit scarves to match my new blazers.  I'm not a good knitter so what ever I do must be easy.

I found this pattern online called Condo Stitch and OMG, it was so easy and so fast to do!  

You knit with two different sized needles at one time.  

The instructions called for size 9 and size 35 needles but I couldn't find a size 35 without searching all over.  I picked size 6 and size 19.

I used this yarn because I was fascinated by it!  Recycling plastic bottles?

I picked Forest Floor for this one and started knitting.  All you do is knit every row but use the different size needles for every row.  Start out by knitting the first row with the smaller needle and then the next row is the larger needle, back to the smaller one etc.  This was the end result:

I was able to make it very long so I can wear it doubled over and still had a lot of yarn left over from the one skein.  Inexpensive, easy and a great look, doesn't get much better than that!


Jennie said...

Ha- "easy" is such a relative term! Well done!!

Doodle said...

Easy for you maybe, but not so much for me!
Great job! So, how many blazers do you have and how many scarves you gonna make?
Winter is just around the corner!!!