Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 4 of thrifting, antiquing and flea markets

While on these adventures of mine, I start out each day thinking to myself, what will I look for today?  Today was an outdoor and indoor flea market so I thought, CHRISTMAS!  That's what I'll shop for today!

I didn't really think I'd find much, I am a price watcher.  Not priced right, I am more than willing to walk away.  Not even halfway down the first row, I came across a table filled with Christmas items.  In order to find out if it's worth rooting through everything, I find something and ask about the price, right price and I'll root, not the right price, keep walking.  Well, her price was right and she tells me she wants to get rid of this stuff.  Music to my ears.

I started out with the ball ornaments and she says to me, feel free to mix and match, take things out of one box and put them in another one until you have a full box of what you want.  Okie dokie then!  She's watching me and says, now that I see what you are looking for, I'll go through this huge box under the table and look for more you might want!

Now I've gone through all the ball ornaments and I have one full box and two partial boxes, where am I on cost?  She gives me a price that I almost fell over and she says, hey, I'd rather see them in YOUR car than mine!

 I'm going to keep going!  She had the set of angels, some small boxes of tiny ornaments, some tinsel bells and tinsel plus a large Poland ornament.  I asked her what she wanted for the Poland ornament and she tells me she has no idea, name my price. At this point, I ask if I could bundle a few items.  I picked out the angels, ornament and tinsel.  OMG, she gave me such a good price, I then moved to the tinsel bells and three small boxes of the mini ornaments.  This is what I walked away with:

You can see, it's filled to the top and it's a large shopping bag!
Still not giving too much away!  Let's get a closer look.
I love the two on the left, these will be perfect for my wreath!
Two of the mini ornaments, perfect for filling in the wreath and bowl.
Partial box of mini ornaments.
Crazy lot of tinsel bells.  One has a paper tag that says Japan on it.
These are larger ornaments and part of the boxed deal she gave me.  The top 6 are Shiny Brites and 4 of them say Merry Christmas on one side and Seasons Greetings on the other side.  (This is a close up of the box above)
Last one is Made in USA, which I love. (above)
(Above)  I love the first one, great graphics!  These are Shiny Brites.
Above is a close up of  a few of the Shiny Brites.
I even love the boxes, look, Uncle Sam meets Santa Claus!
One side of the Poland ornament.
Loved the trees on the Poland ornament.
And finally, the angels I talked about earlier.  Red one has candles, white one has a bottle brush tree, green one has a present and the pink one is missing what ever she is supposed to have in her hands.  Plastic faces and marked Japan on the bottoms.

That's everything I got from the first table I stopped.  I went to another table and this caught my eye.  It was in a baggie with another more modern ornament.  
It's glass with tinsel inside it!  The lady says to me, just take them.  What?  Just take them, you are the first person to show it any interest.  I can't do that, I replied, she took them from my hand and put them in my shopping bag!  On the other side of the fence, she had some of the tiniest little glass ornaments in another zip lock but I felt those were priced too high, when I asked her if she could do better, she takes $1.00 off and points out she did just give me something.  LOLOL!  I stuck to my guns and said I'd think about it.  GET THIS.  I walked the rest of the flea market and went back for the tiny ornaments.  In the time I was gone, she marked the bag UP!  Well, she told me I could have them for the lower price so I bought them.
Again, great fillers!

I was looking at these two boxes and the seller walked over and made me an offer I couldn't refuse, I didn't even look at them too closely but you'll see what I couldn't resist:
Look what was tucked in the lower right corner:
Another glass one with tinsel in it!

Now, I'm finished outside.  I swear some people tried hard to make me miserable, but I refused.  LOLOL!  First, I found 3 boxes of ornaments and one box said 3 for $30.00.  That's not bad but I really only wanted the one box.  Seller, no where to be found.  I make a mental note of the booth and keep walking.

I found a wonderful paint by number of a clown, but it had a hole in it.  For the right price, I'm still willing to buy it.  No price on it.  Seller comes over and tells me $20.  HUH?  I said, it's a paint by number and has a hole in it.  He didn't believe me that it was a PBN and tells me it's a watercolor.  Some times I don't bother with people like that but he annoyed me.  So, I showed him the lines that prove it's a PBN and he walked away.  LOLOL!

I find more ornaments and the man was totally outrageous on the prices so I thanked him and am about to walk away when he says he has something he wants to show me.  Okay.  He pulls a box out of a case and it's 3 glass pigs ornaments from Russia.  They are fairly new but somewhat cute.  He gives me a price, no thank you but I appreciate you showing them to me.  He lowers the price, now I say, let me think about it.  As I turn to walk away, he lowers the price again, sigh.  Okay, fine, I'll take them.
I'm guessing these are probably from the 80's.  They need some research.

Close up:

Now, I'm finished with the inside so let me go back to the booth with the boxes that said 3 for $30.00.  I really didn't want all the boxes, but wanted to see if she'd take $10 for the one box.  Or do better on all 3.  I find the booth and luckily, the seller has returned.  I ask her what the best she could do on them.  She picks up one box and says $25.00 for this one, $20.00 for this one and at this point, I stop her and say, why does this box say $30.00 for all three?  Her reply to me was, I have no idea why I put that on there.  Well, okay then, good luck selling those!  LOLOL!  

Now, here's the challenge for you!  I was very careful NOT to give you any prices, your challenge is to take a guess at what I spent.  :o)  There's nothing in it for you but it will give me an idea how I did on the prices!  Isn't that reward enough for you?

Keep in mind, some of the photos are duplicate photos or close up photos of items.  Put your thinking caps on and let me know!


VintageVendor said...

OMG. I can't believe all the Christmas stuff. You really got a boat load. I love the little angels and the piggies are just the cutest. After looking at all your neat ornaments it makes me wish I would have kept my mother's!

I am not good a guessing prices, but I know you mentioned you are a price watcher and if it isn't priced right you are gone so I'm going to guess 75.00 knowing your buying habits. How'd I do?

$20.00 for a PBN with a hole in it? Oh please. LOL

Doodle said...

With that great haul, and yes, knowing your pricing skills, I would venture to guess about $45.00.

Love the little piggies - did you find any info yet?