Friday, August 6, 2010

What's on your mind?

Did you know eBay is having free listing until Sept. 7th? You can have up to 100 listings for free! I'm sure they are just as slow as Etsy this time of the year, but I'll give it a shot.
I'm putting a bunch of Pez items on and will put some items I can't sell on Etsy because they aren't old enough.
I have to admit, I've been somewhat disappointed with Etsy lately. Sales are down and I'm annoyed at their priorities. Change the top bar around, now that's important. Let those cronic non-payment folks just keep on going on, let the ones listing items that have nothing to do with vintage, supplies or handmade keep on going on. Yep, I'm annoyed. And does anyone read the Etsy finds newsletters? Same shops over and over again and I've even seen the same shop in the same finds newsletters time and time again. One shop was in the newsletter twice and right beside itself. Wackos don't even notice it? Yep, I'm annoyed.
What's on your mind these days?

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Doodle said...

Just love it when you speak your mind. And yea, priorities are a little off with etsy. Maybe someday they'll get it!

Thanks for the heads up with Ebay - didn't realize it was going to be so long with free fees. I'll have to head over there.