Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Giveaway! *** NOW Closed***

Had a second winner of the night!  WTG Ellen!  This was fun, I'll be sure to do it again soon!  Thanks for playing!

Ding, Ding, Ding, I've all ready had one winner!  Congrats, Doodle!  I've moved the typewriter to a new listing, so keep on playing!  Please read all the rules!  Must post listing here when found!

Okay, some to get some positive mojo flowing!  I've decided to have a blog giveaway.  Let's have some fun!

Somewhere in one of my listings in my VintageStation shop, I've hidden the image below in with the other photos.  The first person to correctly post the listing in which you can find this image will win any ONE item of their choice from my either RunsWithScissors4 OR BusyBeading shops.
I think between those two shops, I should have something for everyone.  I hope so anyway!  If this works out, we'll do more, okay?

Get ready, get set, GO to http://www.vintagestation.etsy.com/ and find the vintage typewriter shown above.  Come back here and post the listing you found it in along with how I can contact you.  First person to do so wins!


Doodle said...


here you go

Runs With Scissors said...

wow, that was way too fast! But yep, doodle has won! WTG!

goodgosh said...

sum b*tch

I had it first!!


Runs With Scissors said...

Let me move it and we'll keep playing!

Anonymous said...

I found it! http://www.etsy.com/listing/50704241/vintage-ransburg-metal-tissue-holder

Anonymous said...

Woops, I forgot to leave my contact information. I had fun looking through all your pictures - very cute stuff, and I'm sorry to say I remember most of it, LOL.

ellenslane (at) toast (dot) net

Runs With Scissors said...

Thanks so much for playing! It has been fun and I will do it again!

Ellen, I've sent you an email! WTG!