Friday, August 13, 2010


I feel like it's been so long since I went thrift shopping! I had to run to the post office this morning and well, it's just a few rights and lefts to get to the thrift shop from there! Plus, I promised to drop off some newspapers, so I had to go, right?

I took my usual route through the shop. Jewelry, nothing. Games, toys, books, nothing, bummer. Linens, nothing. I'm starting to get really bummed out! Then, I spotted this on a shelf.

How funky cool is this? I love it, but wait, there's more! It's a hot pot!!!! Still has the plug, too! It's ceramic and from Japan. Non-polarized plug plus only marked JAPAN, not Made in Japan, so that should help date it.From there, I went downstairs. I found my second item but I can't share it with you at the moment, it's hiding in my car trunk until the hubby goes back to work. SSSSHH! Remind me Monday to show it to you! I never heard of this person before but thanks to my friend, Jennie at SoSoVintage, I knew it when I saw it this time! She had just done a blog post regarding it.

It's a glass tray with wooden handles. Unfortunately, one gold band is missing from the handle. It has an unusual shape to it and it's known as Sonata pattern by Georges Briard. I know this because it's signed!

When it rains, it pours! Morton Salt mug and sugar/creamer! The mug is dated 1968, so I'm assuming the set is the same period of time.

You might want to sit down about now, if you aren't all ready because the next one is BIG! I mean, HUGE!

Ugly box, so taped up I couldn't open it. I almost passed it by, but something made me decide to get this box open one way or another. Finally, I went back upstairs and to the cashier and asked her if I could open it. When she saw the tape, she got the trusty utility knife and cut open the tape. She layed down the box with the open side facing me and started to pull the casserole out. All of a sudden, she's laughing so hard and asking me if I was okay! Well, let's see it!

Yep, I was having a wheezer, I swear it. I couldn't breathe, my heart was pounding and I must have looked like I was about to faint! She's still laughing and still asking me if I was okay, but continued to pull it out of the box.

It's Canonsburg Pottery! And to make it even better, it's the Temporama pattern. OMG!

I know, if you aren't a vintage fan or don't know what this is, you just won't be excited about it, but my heart still races when I look at it.

It's a casserole with a warming rack. I looked it up and found a covered vegetable dish for $75.00! This is the same dish as far as I can tell, the box says it's a 2 quart casserole and I couldn't find it listed as such, so I'm assuming the veggie dish doubled as both.

Look at that handle!! How super cool is that?

Oh, I left everything at the register and went back downstairs. I found this lovely item and laughed when I walked back upstairs and the cashier says "is that all you found?" LOLOL! Well, yes, on my THIRD trip down to the basement it is!

It's marked Handpainted Nippon! Again, it can be dated by those words at about the late 1920's. I have no idea what the object is, do you? It's small. Too small to be a hatpin container, too small to be a sugar bowl. My next guess was a toothpick holder. It's the right size, however, no toothpick holder would have an attached underplate.

Prize to anyone that can guess what is still hiding in my trunk!


Doodle said...

Well, another awesome day out thrifting, I see. And I can only guess that hidden treasure is either for you hubby, or something that would make him question your sanity for buying it!!! Can't wait to see it though. I'm sure it's a total treasure. :)

Sassy Style Cards said...

Pretty cool. I love the amazing things you can find in thrift stores and the prices they are at. Sometimes I do not know how some one gave away these amazing items.