Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trashed Cabinet

I saw this in the neighbor's trash pile and insisted my hubby go rescue it. That's right, I didn't have the nerve to do, so get him to do it! I thought it had potential, he thought it was junk. Finally got finished painting it! He had to do that, too! :o)
Now I need to find some really cool organizers for it. For now, I'm using Chinese take out containers! Works for me.

It's just what I needed for more storage!


Jennie said...

Ha- yay for hubby being willing to go junkin'!! It looks great- there is NEVER enough storage for a vintage loving crafter :)

VintageVendor said...

I love the colors you chose. I want it!!

P.S. Your chinese take out cartons are different than mine.

Doodle said...

It came out great!!!! I'm totally impressed. Gotta love recycled stuff.

beckynot said...

I had to teach my husband about dumpster diving and leaving worthwhile items in the alley for people to find, rather than just trashing them. He grew up too "nice" to know about it. His mother dig drag him "antiquing", but this is not how she did it.

I still don't think he'd "salvage" for me. Your husband's a winner!