Thursday, May 21, 2009

Antique Spree - Part II

I got these little gems for .25 cents each! Not sure what I'll do with them, but I fell in love with them. They are acrylic buttons, maybe I can felt up a new purse and use them on that!

This is my favorite piece from the long weekend! I collect this pattern, it's called Rosette. It's becoming harder and harder to find, then when I do find a piece, it's sometimes very pricey. I held my breath and checked the tag, only $16.00 and then you get a 10% discount, so I was one very happy camper. This is a covered butter dish.
I don't know much about these but they remind me a lot of Jadite. I have two others along this line now. It's such a pretty little flower pot.

I am not sure why I got started on these! I have this size in yellow, blue and now pink! And I have the smaller size one in blue and pink, still need the yellow one in small. I think I like the rooster's puffed up chest.

Pressed glass creamer for only $3.00 and it sure washed up nicely!

A child's mug in Roman Rosette, for only $1.50!

Looks like I need to open a third shop on Etsy so I can sell some of my finds! I'm really running out of room.


VintageVendor said...

Those acrylic buttons were a steal. Your rosette pieces are so beautiful. I know the pattern is very hard to find, but is the child's mug a rarity? Thanks for sharing your finds. Should I watch for part 3? ;)

Runs With Scissors said...

It's two different patterns, Roman Rosette and just plain Rosette or Magic. I am not sure how rare the Roman Rosette mug is, I couldn't find it on the Internet. I just bought it because it was cute and cheap!

I thought those buttons were a steal, too!

Nope, no part 3 yet but I am going to start blogging about my flowers I purchased on this trip! That will probably have many parts to it!

VintageVendor said...

Oh goodie. I'm looking forward to your flowers!

Doris said...

Oh, Please, open that new shop! I love the pressed glass creamer.
Doris :)

Runs With Scissors said...

Hi Doris, good to see you! Looking for suggestions for a new vintage shop name, got any?

Doris said...

I'm not very good giving names but promise I'll think about it and let you know. :)