Saturday, May 9, 2009


After three attempts, I finally got a bag/purse that I'm happy with the results! Remember the market tote? That was just okay, but I made a major mistake that I couldn't fix because I didn't realize it until after it was felted and the seams gave me grief.

Then, there was the purse I attempted that I won't even show anyone. Again, the seams were hideous. But the yarn didn't felt like I had hoped.

FINALLY! I did yet another purse and got advice on how to do the seams. Success! It's a bit on the small size, but I still love it!

These are the before photos above. Just about 12 inches wide! Now, let's see it after it was felted:

Now, it's about 8 inches wide! Here's where I need some advice. I received these beautiful felted flowers from Valerie at I'd like to add these to the purse but am not sure where or how many to add. Any suggestions?

There's four flowers to pick from, two purples, a yellow and deep yellow. Give me some thoughts!

And, this was strange, when I went to get the flowers that I keep in the bowl that Valerie sent me, I realized the bowl and purse are just about identical in color! Wonder if we used the same yarn!


Valerie said...

You did a fantastic job! It looks great! I think you should use all 3 - two of them on the bottom left corner and then one near the top right. If you get really energetic, you can embroider stems on the purse to connect them!

Invites by Jen said...

I like the way you have the flowers in the first picture. You did an awesome job on the purse!! Love it =)

Doris said...

I like the 2nd and 4th, but all are beautiful. Nice job :)!!

VintageVendor said...

That turned out great. I love the first picture with all three flowers. So cute.

EverImprovingMe said...

that is way too cute and i love it! you did a great job!

Bridget said...

Excellent bag...I like it best with 3 flowers.