Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Antique Spree - Part I

I went antique shopping for a long weekend and had a blast. I was able to come home with some pretty fun items this time!
I came across a shop with older Pez dispensers for only $1.00 each! Nothing really exciting but one of those dispensers is a Witch with stenciled stem!
See how the stem has a printed patent number instead of the regular embossed patent? That's known as a stenciled stem, the other side has the stencil of the country of origin. This is actually a 3.9 witch but has 4.9 stenciled on it.
It seemed to be a great weekend for my air fresheners and cotton ball holders! Three of them in all!
This is one I didn't have and is a cotton ball holder, most people say they are cactus planters.
This one is an Airwick air freshener, see the smaller hole? I had this color before but it's fun to get variations such as this one with the big glob of something under the glazing. It was cheap enough and down inside it, is an original wick that I have to get out of there.
Another air freshener and again, I had this color but this one has such a nice clean finish to it, my other one has a crack.

Found a bunch of plastic buckles.

I have more to report, but will continue you finds in another post. Does anyone else go antique shopping?


Elephunk said...

Its amazing the kinds of things you can find antique shopping!

Runs With Scissors said...

I love antique shopping, much more than shopping for clothes or shoes! Give me antiques anytime!

Softpencil said...

I remember Pez! I live in Argentina and when I was a little girl I loved these dispensers! In Spanish pez means fish...only a curiosity ;)

Jennie said...

I'm with you, Karen- I'd take this kind of shopping over any other!! Well- it's tied with thrifting, but you know what I mean! I love to see what other people buy when they go on antique sprees- it really gives you insight into the person, don't you think?

Your air freshener finds are adorable- and I learned a little something about Pez from your post, too. You should tell me what to look for in a Pez holder, and I'll keep it in mind when I am out and about :)

Runs With Scissors said...

Yes, I knew Pez in Spanish is fish! Just try to do a search for Pez sometime!

Stayed tuned for Part II of my finds!

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