Sunday, July 27, 2014

Old Person Name

Mine is Hilda, what's your name?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weekend finds!

Not a great weekend of thrifting but still a fun one!
Friday's find at the thrift shop:

Great industrial goose neck lamp!  I love the shape of the shade!
Went to a flea market today and what a bummer!  Not very many tables set up at all but I did manage to find these:


That is it for this weekend! 


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunday flea market

Had a great time at the flea market!  It was full of vendors and just a blast rooting through everything!
First thing I found:
Came across this Elk paint by number:
This is done on canvas, shows how old it is.  It is from the 1950's.  He came down in price to keep it under my limit! 
Same seller had another one in his van, goes and gets it.  It's just a large as the first one!  $10 for this one, too?  (I ask).  No, I must have $15 for it.  I say, okay, thanks anyway, that is above my limit.  Well, he continues, I have to have $15 for it because it has a frame.  HUH???  The first one has a frame, too!!  I say to him, keep the frame.  He suddenly goes deaf.  He goes, huh?  I repeat it, huh?  I finally just said thanks, I'll leave it sit.  Finally he says okay, he'll take the $10 for it BUT boy, was he unhappy about it!  I thanked him several times and he ignored me to the point it was funny.  If he didn't want to do it, why did he?  Anyway, here it is, again, 1950's and done on canvas:
Next is this chippy tumbler holder, it is awesome!
And then this old vintage paper towel holder:

{Don't forget to scroll down for Saturday's Thrift Shopping!}


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Saturday Thrift

On Sat., I wanted to check out this new place I was told about.  Since it was close to another thrift shop, I stopped at the familiar one first. 
I really love Miller Studio Chalkware and found two more pieces!

I don't think I've ever seen plaques before! 
Then off to the new place.  After waiting for the owner to arrive and then listening to her excuses, I finally got inside.  Not sure I'll go back to this one again.  Did come home with these lovelies! 
And couldn't pass these by:
Look how cool my house number looks!
Anyone want the rest of them?  LOL! 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Friday Finds:

Had to run over the grocery store on Friday, so I'm not going that close to the little flea market without stopping!!  What??  I could always go to another grocery store?  I guess I could but what fun would that be?
I've been looking for something on wheels to take to flea markets with me and found this one!

It's perfect!  Folds up but gets pretty big once you open it up!  The lady selling it said she had it for years and didn't know it folded up like that.

Route 66 to boot!
Okay, so while I'm there, I may as well go inside.  I made a beeline to a booth that has this gravel art that I've been watching forever.  It was over my price range but this was it, 50% off everything in her booth!

I didn't realize it until I got home but this is totally embellished with rhinestones!

I swear the rhinestones in the ear and center of umbrella are earrings the person modified for the picture.
I looked this up on the Internet and did find a few more of them but none of them have the rhinestones!  Now I need the matching boy poodle!
She had one more item.  Another steel box.

It holds film reels and is in amazing condition.

That's it for Friday!  Not bad for a trip to the grocery store! 


Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend finds!

It's been a long weekend!  Time for me to catch up!  This post will have a lot of photos so sit back and relax.
First, stopped at a thrift shop and picked up one interesting item. 
This is a Georges Briard hot plate that folds out.  Has a section for crackers and a cheese board as the third part.  (don't you just love how I clean off my table before taking photos?)
It doesn't work, unfortunately, think it might have gotten wet at some point but it's still a nice piece and you can use it anyway, just don't plug it in!
Next, a friend gave me a few pieces!  Two seashell animals she found at a thrift shop and a toothpick holder found at the flea market.
Went to Leesport flea market again and was disappointed that it wasn't completely filled up with vendors.  A lot of empty spots but still was able to spend hours there and pick up a few items.
Surprised to find 3 more seashell animals!
This is a doorknob echelon, I think it is super but it is used with those old knobs so I think I'll look for a neat one to use, even if I don't use the lock part, it still dresses up your door.  Oh, maybe I'll sell it.  LOL!
Two cheap PBN sets.
Two metal wall hangings by Homco.  The apple press:
and football player:
PBN magazine rack:
This is neat, it is a printers set that was used to stamp identifying marks and dates on switchboards, phones, fuses etc.
It sure has a lot of stamps to it and it is so heavy, I'd hate to be the one that had to carry it around!
Has ink with it and I'm not sure how complete it is yet, but do know it is missing the brushes.

This awesome chip n' dip that is complete.  I have two others that one is missing the tiny bowl inside it and a second one that is missing one of the sections.  I'm going to use this Sunday for company!  Best part??  It was only $5.00!!!!
These are plastic Christmas angels.  There's a duplicate of the first one for a total of 4.
They are that hard plastic that becomes brittle after time so they have a few cracks but I thought they were cute.
Now to figure out how to store them!
We stopped at an antique mall.  I found a set of PBN's but unfortunately, they were not priced, the clerk tried to call the owner but never got a hold of him, so no sale there.  I did find these:
Bank folders for dimes.
I think these are the neatest ones I've ever seen.
That's all folks!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Flea Market

What a great day for a flea market!  Checked the weather forecast and it said the storms weren't moving through until later in the day, so off we went!

The hubby wanted to look for some tools to replace missing pieces so he was happy to take me!  And he was able to find what he wanted, so it was a good day for both of us!

Here is what was found today.  The hubby bought this, yep, a toolbox and it's for me!  Now my hammer, screwdrivers and wrenches have a home other than my kitchen junk drawer!  And it's the industrial colors I love, he did good!

Another toothpick holder.  It has a really nice pattern on it:

This is a beautiful Heisey sugar bowl, it just sparkles!

A paint by number magazine rack:

Four paint by numbers, not the best of shape but cheap enough.  And I love the message on the backs.  I've seen worse conditions, too.

A year later, Pete did these:

Here is another industrial box, this one is for slides.

Came with the boxes, 8 of them have slides in them, must go through and look at them all, the other four boxes are empty.  Makes a great display.

And I did a bundle!!  The slide box above and these two wall hangings.  I've seen these and they are made by the same manufacturer as my wall shadow box.  They are the perfect size for hanging on each side of your shelf.  Remember, I had two small gravel art pictures on each side of it and these are so much better! 

We also came home with a shoo fly pie and 2 whoopie pies!

After all that, these came in the mail: