Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Friday Finds:

Had to run over the grocery store on Friday, so I'm not going that close to the little flea market without stopping!!  What??  I could always go to another grocery store?  I guess I could but what fun would that be?
I've been looking for something on wheels to take to flea markets with me and found this one!

It's perfect!  Folds up but gets pretty big once you open it up!  The lady selling it said she had it for years and didn't know it folded up like that.

Route 66 to boot!
Okay, so while I'm there, I may as well go inside.  I made a beeline to a booth that has this gravel art that I've been watching forever.  It was over my price range but this was it, 50% off everything in her booth!

I didn't realize it until I got home but this is totally embellished with rhinestones!

I swear the rhinestones in the ear and center of umbrella are earrings the person modified for the picture.
I looked this up on the Internet and did find a few more of them but none of them have the rhinestones!  Now I need the matching boy poodle!
She had one more item.  Another steel box.

It holds film reels and is in amazing condition.

That's it for Friday!  Not bad for a trip to the grocery store! 



VintageVendor said...

Wow. That bag is the coolest! You will be in style shopping around for sure. I LOVE the gravel art. What a great job someone took to time to embellish. It really is a work of art in more ways than one.

Julie said...

Neat girl poodle with jewels!!!