Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Flea Market

What a great day for a flea market!  Checked the weather forecast and it said the storms weren't moving through until later in the day, so off we went!

The hubby wanted to look for some tools to replace missing pieces so he was happy to take me!  And he was able to find what he wanted, so it was a good day for both of us!

Here is what was found today.  The hubby bought this, yep, a toolbox and it's for me!  Now my hammer, screwdrivers and wrenches have a home other than my kitchen junk drawer!  And it's the industrial colors I love, he did good!

Another toothpick holder.  It has a really nice pattern on it:

This is a beautiful Heisey sugar bowl, it just sparkles!

A paint by number magazine rack:

Four paint by numbers, not the best of shape but cheap enough.  And I love the message on the backs.  I've seen worse conditions, too.

A year later, Pete did these:

Here is another industrial box, this one is for slides.

Came with the boxes, 8 of them have slides in them, must go through and look at them all, the other four boxes are empty.  Makes a great display.

And I did a bundle!!  The slide box above and these two wall hangings.  I've seen these and they are made by the same manufacturer as my wall shadow box.  They are the perfect size for hanging on each side of your shelf.  Remember, I had two small gravel art pictures on each side of it and these are so much better! 

We also came home with a shoo fly pie and 2 whoopie pies!

After all that, these came in the mail:


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VintageVendor said...

WOW is the only word I can come up with! Love that you now have your very own tool box. Once again you found some good stuff.