Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mid-century Wall Shelf

The hubby and I went antique shopping yesterday and I saw this shelf on the wall.  About half joking, I showed it to the hubby and said how much I loved it!  Well, image my surprise when he didn't poo poo it!  He was looking at it and I realized it would light up.  We tried it but it wouldn't light but the clerk swore it had to be the light bulbs because it worked when the seller brought it in.  The price tag?  It was marked $150.00 but then marked on clearance for $50.00.  Since the lights weren't working, maybe the seller would mark it down further?  The clerk gets on the phone and low and behold, she said if we take it today, she would let it go for $35.00.  SOLD!    It is manufactured by Illinois Moulding Company.   

We replaced the bulbs and sure enough, it lights like a charm!  Now, let's get it hung on the wall. 

Next step is what should I put on it?  I thought about my book art, my vintage air freshener collection, my sea shell animals and then settled on these:

My vintage eyeglass holder collection!  I think it would be sweet with colored bottles, too.

One last final touch!

Just wouldn't be complete without my new gravel art!

Illinois Moulding Co. would mass produce accessories for walls.  They did a boatload of plaques and if I ever come across plaques that match the panels along the sides of this, they'd be mine in a heartbeat!  But from what I can gather, these shelves were made with different panels or with a wire panel.  Could get small planters for each side and with the mirror like mine along the edge.  Check out this one with additional items to it:

And another one:

 And one more:

I'll be keeping my eye out for that one!


Julie said...

Pretty cool! Great find!!!

VintageVendor said...

Wow. You always manage to show me something I have never see before. Great find.