Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Unusual Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowls

I touched on these in my Mecation posts but thought I'd show them again.

I spent the day trying to get really good photos so I could list them in my Etsy shop.  I took tons of photos just trying to get 5 I felt worthy of them.  I took them with different props, in different lighting, with different backgrounds and by the time I went to edit the photos, I decided to keep them.  LOLOL!  

I'm not positive but I think the name of this set is Red Cherries.  They are marked Pyrex, so I know that for sure but even the site called Pyrex Love doesn't show them.  

It's just an amazing set of Pyrex!  

Oh so retro!

Can you just image these in a red kitchen?

With red Bakelite!

I guess I could be talked into selling them for the right price but for now, they are all mine!


Cassie's Tale said...

A very cool find -- completely understandable to keep them all for yourself! :)

The Hanky Dress Lady said...

These are just fabulous. No wonder you decided to keep them. Thanks for sharing.

Isabelle said...

Bonjour hello !!!
Ils sont tre beaux vraiment !!!
J'ai une demande , je cherche un livre dédié à l'histoire des pyrex , mais ils sont tous en anglais ...Est ce que quelqu'un sait s'il en existe un en français ??
Merci , et encore bravo pour votre joli trouvaille !!
Cordialement , Isabelle

Michael Abrams said...

If you decide to sell these please let me know! I have been hunting these for about 5 yrs now since mine were stolen from me. My mother had bought them for me and has recently deceased.:(