Friday, March 15, 2013

Mecation - Day two

While the other jurors were stuck in a stuffy court room, I was out having a ball!  Yep, for the first time in the 20 months I've been serving on grand jury duty, I missed a session and to tell the truth, I did it on purpose!  I have a feeling someone will be getting back at me for that, it just might snow tomorrow!  Seriously :(

In order of my purchases, here it goes!

I'm hoping someone can use these.  It's call Candyland Bingo and has the cutest little cardboard figures with it.  
There's over 40 of the figures, maybe they can be used for a children's party?  I'm sure names could be written on them with a Sharpie!
I love these colors!  Two Dymo label makers.
Avocado green storage rack for cups and saucers.
I thought this was cute.  It's a planter but I think writing utensils in the back and a memo pad in the front would work.  Or how about next to a sink for a sponge or scouring pad?  It is marked Fredericksburg Art Pottery U.S.A. and the factory burned down in the 1960's, so that dates it somewhat.
And a really cool industrial type paper punch.  It looks better in person!
Oh, honey, my Goodwill gift card needs to be reloaded!  LOLOL!

My next stop is a small place that has books and furniture.  I got myself 3 more packs of school paper, anyone want some?  I'm going to keep the larger one, I've been using this stuff to print out my Etsy invoices. It's school practice paper!  Remember it?  Learn your A, B, C's on it . . .

Well, my next stop was interesting!  Take a look at what I found!

Oh come on now, what did you expect?
I love the one above, it's so Tom Sawyer looking!

Okay, last paint by number for now.  It looks much nice in person, trust me!
My photos look so washed out, they are supposed to be bright!  This is the cutest Burwood set I've ever seen, just could not resist it!
I've gotten a small collection of old looking rulers!  These were only ten cents a piece.
And one last item from this shop, a Vera Neumann scarf!  It's just fab.  Anyone know how to wash and iron silk?
That's it for thrift shopping, now it's onto antique shops and malls.  I made one stop at an antique mall and did some damage.

I've been wanting one of these since I spied one online.  Found this today and it was on sale, so now it's mine!  It's a 2 1/2 quart casserole, so sunny!  I have 2 pieces in my shop of this pattern so I think I just might have to remove those from the shop and keep them!  It's by Federal Glass but I've never been able to find out what the pattern is called.

Here's another gem!!  I had two pieces of this that I found at a thrift shop and I sold them.  I've regretted it since.  Today, I found a complete set!  Not sure if I'll be able to keep it, I want to but have to see if I have a spot to store them.  Again, these are difficult to find information about.  They are not listed in any Pyrex books or found on the Pyrex Love site.  I've heard it called both Red Cherries and Cherries and Checks.  I'm leaning towards Cherries and Checks.

AND, I was lucky enough to get these on sale, too!

These will look great with my red Bakelite!  

Well, off to the hot tub!

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VintageVendor said...

Mecation? LOLOLOL Good one.
Giving love in the order I love your stuff:
Dymo label makers, Cherries & Checks bowls, paper punch, school paper, the horse PBN and then everything else. WOW you found a lot of good stuff today.