Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mecation - Day 3

I had a difficult time shopping today.  It was snowing and I think I was more concerned about that than shopping.  

I do have a few things to share.  

I found this anodized aluminum rack for holding spools of thread.  I love it!

At the same shop, these two sewing buttons of Scottie dogs:

I ended up texting a friend while in that shop because they had a color wheel for those aluminum Christmas trees and I knew she was looking for one.  She didn't get back to me before I left the shop but when she did, I ended up going back for it!

Now, this is interesting.  I looked at it and put it down but ended up going back for it.  This is not a mass produced item.  I just have a feeling some man made it while sitting around his machine shop one day.  Maybe his wife was bugging him for one.  It's obviously hand made!

I love it!  He did a nice job.  I love the old browned paper!

I treated myself to this old pad of receipts!  Not a well known brand of salt but I just liked it.

Oh and the puppy paint by number behind it!  :o)

Now, yesterday I showed you several paint by numbers and after I posted, I went to research them and darn it, it's a set of 4 not just 3, called Four Seasons.  I'm missing the Swan Song to the set.

Image my delight when I found it today!

Now I have all four seasons!

Have you ever seen something that you are on the fence over?  I saw this item today that just sticks in my head.  It's a bit higher than I usually pay for something but it's just so unusual, I wouldn't mind buying it.  Now, could I make a profit on it, that's the question.  I have to think about this!

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VintageVendor said...

You really have had a great shopping trip this time. So pleased you found that 4th season. It's a beauty and you know I love those adorable Scottie buttons!