Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I went to a new set of thrift shops yesterday and wasn't impressed.  They have furniture in one shop and I found this:

 I wasn't happy it's under glass but it didn't appear to be sticking to the paint anywhere.  I debated over it and finally decided to bring it home with me.
 The person who did this must not have been really into it.  The paint is so thin in places, you can see the numbers through it!
When I got home, I looked it up and found out it is called Swiss Village and it's from 1952.  I sure was happy I got it!  It's on canvas as opposed to the cardboard and there's 22 oil colors.  I believe the people glued this down on a thick piece of cardboard before framing it because I wanted to see if I could remove it from the frame and the cardboard was chipping off in pieces so I left it alone.  Funny thing, the quote from the catalog states "You'll love the old world beauty of this tranquil piece" and the museum says ' J Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, painted one of these kits'.  Could it have been this one?

In another part of the shopping center, the same thrift shop had a book section, nothing there and then the usual part of a thrift shop was down at the other end of the shopping center.  I just wasn't impressed but it was one of those things I've often thought I should check out.

Not having enough of a thrift fix, I stopped at another thrift store.  I found this wonderful old avocado green plate rack:

And even though I rarely look at clothing, these cute pants caught my eye.
 I love the fabric!  
Then, this caught my eye:
It's a blazer!  I have one in browns and wanted another color to wear with blues, so this one was coming home with me!
It's brand new, never worn.  The pockets aren't cut yet.  
What??  Wow.  All the tags are still on it.  

The clothing racks were really picked through, not much there at all.  I asked the cashier if they were going to stop carrying clothes and she said they are just getting rid of the summer items and bringing in the winter items soon.  I hardly consider this a summer item, it is wool after all!

The thrift shop tag had $20.00 on it, that was crossed off and it now said $1.00.  Are you kidding me?  All clothes in the place were $1.00.  Now I need to knit myself a scarf to go with it!

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VintageVendor said...

Nice finds, especially that paint by number! You always have the best luck at the thrift stores. Thanks for sharing.