Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craig's List!

I've been searching for a retro floor lamp or one that looks retro and someone suggested I search Craig's List.

I have to laugh at the quality of items listed from my area, Allentown, to the quality of items listed from say, Philadelphia.  The stuff around here just plain sucks.  Same thing with yard sales, don't even bother in this area unless you want baby clothes and toys.

Anyway, while looking I found a casserole that I fell in love with!  I contacted the lady and she hadn't sold it yet so I said I'd like to have it.  Well, the two of us just couldn't get together immediately and I called her in the afternoon to see what we could do.  She was busy, I was busy and she really didn't want to wait for the weekend.  I got the feeling she thought I was just yanking her chain so I offered to drop the phone and run right over.  I offered to pay for it via PayPal but she says she doesn't have PayPal.  HUH?  She must live in a cave!  I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but thank goodness I have GPS now!  She almost does live in a cave!

Take a look at what my very first Craig's List purchase was!

It's called Golden Hearts by Pyrex.
It is a promotional piece from 1958.  I'm not sure the candle warmer is original to this, it did come with one but just not sure this is the one.

I'm really not sure what to think about Craig's List.  I'm really not crazy about complete strangers showing up at my door.  But from what I hear, people do it all the time and are successful at it.  It's free and instant cash, so who knows.  What are your thoughts?

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VintageVendor said...

Wonderful casserole! I love it.

As for Craig's List, where I live there have been too many stories of crimes committed including two murders when meeting interested parties so I steer clear of it.

You asked. :o)