Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Live and Learn

I'm an impulse buyer.  I try not to be, I've started bookmarking items and waiting a few days before purchasing and that seems to help.  But, there's times I just can't resist.  This is one of them.

I'm planning on remodeling my small powder room in a 1950's style.  Right now, I'm in the hunt and gather phase but it's moving right along and I'm really getting excited.  

So, I saw this on a web site and didn't give it much thought.  The description was vague, first red flag.  Didn't give a size or how to mount it etc.

Wow!  New old stock!  How awesome is this?  It holds an entire bar of soap, up and out of the way, push down the lever on the right side and the bar drops down into your hands.  It claims to keep your soap dry and out of the way.  Just look at that design, I had to have it.

Here are the colors it's available in:

Yep, black it is!

So, I get it today and was so disappointed.  It had a huge scuff mark on the upper right hand corner that was clearly visible.

It appears someone played with it because there are scratches near the handle:

And there were more scratches and scuffs all over it.  

This thing cost a small fortune plus another small fortune for shipping.  I had it in my mind that if I couldn't use it, I would turn it around and sell it, however, I wouldn't even attempt to sell this in the condition it is in.

They charged me $13.89 for shipping and it turns out, it's not very big or doesn't weigh that much, after all, it's plastic.  I called because a RGA number is required to return it.  So, do to the only fault of my own being that I'm an impulse buyer, I'll be out the original $13.89 shipping plus my $6.20 to return it.  It's a shame no one checked it out before sending it.  So, I hope I've learned my lesson.  And I'm SO over getting another one unless I find one a lot cheaper on eBay!

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VintageVendor said...

So sorry to hear that it came to you damaged. I know how much you were looking forward to it. :0(

This means something even better will come along!