Saturday, May 5, 2012


So, I have a new car.  I got it back in Feb. and only have 700 miles on it!  My hubby laughs at me because I'm one of those people who park a mile away from a shop and walk.  Even 5 years later, I still park far away, just because I can!

I went out the other day and wanted to run into a few stores at a strip mall and since it wasn't busy, I park close to the mall.  WELL.  Here is why I don't do that too often.

I walk out of the door and look over at my car and see this, my heart stopped beating for a second or two.  See the red vehicle, look next to that and you'll see the problem.  That is my car next to the Ford.  Just look how close this jerk is to me!

(Click on photos to enlarge and get the full effect!)

This is the view right in front of my car.  Can you believe it?  I honestly don't know how he didn't take off my side mirror and then to just let it sit that way and go into the store?  If I had a passenger, I would have had to pull out to let them get in.  
If he can't park this boat, get a smaller vehicle and be more considerate of others.  He?  Yep, he returned to his vehicle as I was pulling out, so I know it was a man.  Jerk.

Sorry for the rant!


Jennie said...

And THIS is why mixed species makes these:

I bought some for my dad, and he DOES use them!!!

So sorry that happened to you!

Runs With Scissors said...

Those are awesome, Jennie. Definitely a must have!

VintageVendor said...

Good grief. What was this person thinking? I don't think he/she was. Glad your new car is OK.

Peppercorns said...

I am always amazed that so many people never think of anyone but themselves.....jerk is the right name for him.:(

I'm so glad your new car is okay though, I remember how much your hubby likes it. LOL