Monday, May 14, 2012

Paint by number heaven

While out shopping on Saturday, I couldn't believe how many paint by numbers I passed by.  I purchased one tin wall pocket of cardinals because the lady only wanted $5.00 for it and I love the birds.  But out of all the others I saw, even ones within my price range, ones I thought were nice, I passed them by.  This baffled me.  What is up with that?

Well, Sunday morning, I got up and headed to the flea market.  While walking the outdoor section, I came across a younger man that looked like he just cleaned out his attic and decided he needed to get rid of stuff.  He wasn't a dealer, just wanted to clean up and maybe make some money doing it.  OMG!!  A boatload of PBN's!  I kid you not.  I ask him, what do you want for the PBN's?  He says, .50 cents for the small ones and $1.00 for the larger ones.  OR, take them all for $10.00.  I said, round em up, they are sold but you can keep the two black velvet ones!  LOL!

He was so sweet.  He says to me, these were done by a very famous artist.  I smiled and said, did you do them?  He says yes, all except the largest one, that was done by an older man.  I said, I love them all.

Then he says, are you a connoisseur?  I said, I guess you can say that and he looks at me and says, I'm so glad they are going to a good home!  And I'm SO happy to have them!  (I'll show them to you at a later time).

I finish the outdoor section and decide I'll go indoors, even though I don't always go in.  I'm walking around with this fishing tin case I purchased outside and getting strange looks (one man asked me if I was carrying around a bazooka) and my large bag of PBN's and come across a shop that is about the strangest thing.  She has bins and bins of jewelry, just thrown together.  I had purchased some of my Cracker Jack charms there last year so I stop to look.  First thing I spy is one of those mini bowling pins that I have to get when I see them, $1.00 SOLD, do you have anymore?  I have no idea, she replies.  OMG, wouldn't you organize your shop if you don't know what's in it?  It would drive me crazy being that unorganized.

I look up at the rafters and there is a Last Supper pbn.  She's only asking $8.00 for it and doesn't want to get it down if I don't want it.  LOLOL!  I said, how do I know if I want it if I can't see it up close?  I have to inspect it for damage.  sigh.  She gets a stool and gets it down.  I'll take it, it's wonderful.  I find another one and another one and she points out one more.  These have frames with them so I would ask for more for them but I offer her $20 for all of them and she took it!!!  One of them is so well done, I really wasn't sure if it really was a pbn until I got back to the hotel and looked for it at the pbn museum and sure enough, there it was.

Now, I have so much stuff I have to go get my car and pull up to the building to load up!  LOLOL!  But, now I know why I passed on so many of them on Saturday!  I lost track of how many I bought but it was somewhere between 14 and 18 of them, all for a total of $30.00!  Woohoo!  I would have only gotten 3 or 4 of them on Saturday for that much.

This is just one of them and the photo is from the PBN Museum:

Isn't it beautiful?  :o)

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VintageVendor said...

It was meant to be that you didn't purchase those PBNs on Saturday! I can't believe how many you are coming home with. I hope you have a lot of extra wall space. LOL

P. S.
Enjoyed your stories!!