Saturday, December 10, 2011

Antique fun!

Yesterday, I spent the day with a friend and we went antiquing!  We met at a new thrift shop that we both wanted to visit.  This sure was an adventure!  We went around to items 3 or 4 times because they just kept putting items out.  This item fascinated me and at first, we couldn't figure out what it was.  Yes, I know it's a snowman, but what is it's purpose?

Then it hit me, it's a plate holder!  It's a heavy wire with hooks and it folds in half to store!  I tried so hard to pass it by but as you can see, it came home with me in the end.
Wouldn't it be cute with snowman plates?  How about this?
Your favorite ornaments, perhaps!  OR:
On the front door with a wreath?  Okay, enough of that.  

Home decor was half price!  Woohoo!  I got this for only $3.00, the frame is worth that much alone!
Picnic plate holders that are chickens!  They only had two.
They had container after container filled with electric Christmas candles.  They were only .50 cents each so I got two for my front windows.
Now, just one more time around, quickly.  LOL!  And that is when I spied this cutie.  I know it wasn't there the first 100 times we circled.
She drew me to her and then I realized why:
Yep, that's Holt Howard!  Just an awesome piece and even more awesome at $1.00!  I had every intention of selling her but guess what, I don't think so, she is mine!

After two hours in this place, we went to the second place.  An antique co-op.  Barely inside the door, my friend says to me, did you see this PEZ?  Just thrown in a basket on top of a cabinet, she picked up one after another one to show me.  You have my attention!  
No WAY!  Yes, way!
The home worker on the chick must have drank her lunch before painting the chicks eyes, she gave this chick one too many eyes!  I love it.  Go ahead and ask, what did you pay for those?  I'll tell you!  A total of $12.50 plus tax!  Estimated value?  $170.00, woohoo!  It doesn't happen too often but it still happens, oh, I love the hunt!

The only other thing I got are these:
Something else that fascinated me.  Vinyl coated metal hangers that fold down!
They are so interesting!  You pull the sides out, fold up the hanger part and waalah, a hanger!  You can pull them out to different lengths for different sized clothing!
Let's look at just one of them, above is one that is totally folded down and pushed together as small as it gets.
There is the same one fully extended.  It's a shame you really can't see how awesome these are!  I got four of them, red, light blue, blue and green.  

It was time for lunch, we couldn't believe we were in that first shop for over two hours!  No WAY!  Yes, way!  We ate at this really cute, old time place and had a really nice time.

Hit 3 more antique shops and this quaint 5 & 10 cent store.  I found only one more item in the last antique shop:

What a work of art!  :o)

It was just the perfect day!


VintageVendor said...

What a haul. I love your new Pez dispensers and can't believe what you paid for those beauties.

You got some neat stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Doodle said...

Amazing, simply amazing. You're timing was perfect for PEZ!! I will have to keep my eyes pealed over here for pez now. haha

Thanks for sharing your amazing day with us. But 1 question, where's the photo of your lunch? lol

oneworld said...

Nice post....