Saturday, December 3, 2011

Grand Jury Duty

We had grand jury duty yesterday.  It was another short session and I know that won't last too long!  There's several cases started but the DA's are still collecting documents before coming in, so they will probably all hit us at once!

I had to laugh because there was a toaster in the break room so people could toast their bagels and I thought someone got it out of the evidence room but here the court reporter brought it in.  Now there's talk about the DA Steve having an omelet station!  LOLOL!  We waited over 45 minutes for this session to start, it would have been a good time for omelets.

Steve had called a witness to appear that swore she'd be there but she never showed up, so a material witness subpoena will be issued for her arrest so she is forced to appear.  It means, they can pick her up and put her in jail until the next session.  Then, he had an officer scheduled to appear but he was really late getting to court because he went to the wrong courthouse!  LOL!  And he's a traffic officer.  He finally got to the right place and explained how they use the Total Station to keep track of evidence at the scene of a crime.  I have a new favorite word, projectile.  Say it, it's neat sounding.  I like it.

When Steve was done, Charlie came in to tell us about the progress of a case that went before the judge and a new one he'll be presenting.  And that was the end of that session!

We have one more session this year and then have a break until Jan.  Me, I'm looking forward to my HUGE paycheck!  HA!

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VintageVendor said...

Sounds like a short day with lots packed into it. Too funny about the police officer going to the wrong court house! Thanks for sharing and don't spend that pay check all in one place!