Friday, July 8, 2011


Yesterday, a box appeared on my doorstep!  I got a surprise from my friend, Jennie at SoSoVintage!  What could it be?  My mind was racing and I was trying to figure out what she would send me as I was ripping into the box.  Look at what it was!!!!!
Complete with the SoSoRosey touch she is so famous for!  A vintage paint by number kit!
How much fun is this?
I love having some paperwork on PBN's, they are a great research tool and this box was packed with them!

Comes with a palette!  LOLOL!  Yep, that thing holding the paints is your palette!
A brush rest!  And don't you just love those crusty, old paints?
This is one canvas that was not original to the kit, but was in this box. 
I guess these were included in case you can't read the numbers on the canvas itself?  I'm really not sure and will look into this.  The one above this is NOT for the kit included in the box, shows one large picture and two small ones, one of those is the canvas included.
These are all of ships!  I guess the people used this box to store all their PBN sheets!
And this one is for the kit in the box, called Inspiration Point and it shows a lighthouse!
We laughed so hard at this.  Inside the box was a larger brochure showing kits that were available at this time.  Read what it says!  And here is the title of this kit:
I've done some research on this kit.  It's a British version and due to the fact it has canvas instead of cardboard, I date it to the late 50's and possibly early 60's.

Thank you so much, my dear friend, Jennie!  You've made my year!


Jennie said...

Aw, what a fun post! I can tell by reading it that this is the kind of thing that is right up your pbn alley... I'm so glad you're enjoying it so much :) xoxo

Doodle said...

Wow, does she know you or what! Nice going. Are you gonna start painting so we can see the finished work???

Runs With Scissors said...
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Runs With Scissors said...

Doodle, do you think the paints are still good?

Know something? There's an out of circulation book about PBN's that actually includes some new paints with it! I could still get my hands on a copy but some people now want upwards of $75.00 for it. Also, there's places that will duplicate paints for them! Cool, huh?

And Jennie, I'm still in PBN heaven! You have much better thrift shops by you!

Jennie said...

Lol, Karen- this came from one of the antique malls in PA!!!

peppercorns said...

This is so cool! What great friends you have.

If you really want to paint this and can't get the exact original paints, you can take the colors to the craft store and match them to the bottles of paint. You'll come close if not exact.

This of course will destroy the value of the pbn. But I know you know that. :)

Runs With Scissors said...

So NOT fair, Jennie!