Saturday, July 30, 2011


First, I must show you what arrived in the mail yesterday from a friend!

Isn't it beautiful?  It's called New England Harbor and it's hard to tell it's a paint by number but it is!  It is so nicely done and even the frame is wonderful!

I went out thrifting yesterday but didn't have much luck.  The first place I stopped, I got a table leg:
More on this later :o)

The second place, I found this small handled bowl:
The third place I visited I found two pieces of Boutonniere by Taylor, Smith and Taylor:

A gravy boat, don't you just love the style of this?  The colors are off on that one but  look at the next piece and you'll see the white with aqua.

This is a sauce boat with under plate.  I might have a hard time parting with these pieces!

Have a great weekend!


Jennie said...

I do love that TST pattern!! I've been having very poor luck with thrifting lately... it's OK, though- I have plenty to list during the drought!!

VintageVendor said...

Oh my gosh. The paint my number is spectacular! What a nice friend!

I'm dying to find out why you bought a table leg!