Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thrift Finds!

Went out thrifting yesterday and found a few items.

This is a picnic caddy by Karoff, very interesting piece!
I fully expands and has compartments for all kinds of items!  I think it would be awesome to use as a sewing caddy by the sewing machine or to keep jewelry in on a dresser and even to use with artist supplies!
It opens all the way and is about 30" long when fully opened.  It's wood with brass accents.  I have this listed in my Etsy shop:  PICNIC CADDY

Also found a wonderful set of Vera Neumann pillowcases!  So bright and cheery to wake up to in the AM.
I really don't think these were ever used.  I think they are straight out of a package!
Are they beautiful?  They can be found here: PILLOWCASES

A rack to hold your rolls of kitchen wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper etc.

How I miss the good old days when you could find things in such wonderful colors!

And this Tupperware chip n' dip!  It is missing the lid but still awesome!
This is huge!  I can't imagine all the crackers you'd have to use for this, but you could use it for veggies and even lunch meats.

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