Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shipping Woes!

When I ship items to customers, I like to pack them the way I'd want them packed if they were being shipped to me.  Some times, I wonder about other people.  Here is a prime example of poor shipping policies.

I found these paint by numbers online:

I wanted these for several reasons.  First, the dog looks SO much like the first dog my hubby and I got together.  Second, the cats are the second in a series that I have the first one.  I'm thinking, this is win, win.

After waiting over 2 weeks, they finally arrive.  Imagine my surprise when this is what I got:

Yes, they were thrown into a padded envelope!  Who puts two paintings in a padded envelope, without any other type of protection?  Let's look closer.
Apparently, they seller tried to ship them for $2.82 after charging me $10.00 for shipping.  Then, they were opened for inspection:
At least, I'm assuming this is the order of business.  They were then returned to the sender for more postage:
Now, it's been resealed with scotch tape, more postage added, a bunch of priority mail stickers stuck to the bag and it's been stamped with a huge stamp that it was inspected.  It came as no surprise to me the condition they arrived.
The cats doesn't look too bad, but look closer:
The nails in two places were pushed through the painting and the painting is creased.

But look at the one I wanted the most:
Large tear in painting.
And large creases:
It's beyond repair.
The "gentleman" has a return policy but they state the buyer must pay for return postage, this was unacceptable to me.  I email him and explain what happened and how bad the paintings are and requested a refund in full.  His answer to me was "Did this happen in the mail"?

Excuse me?  I was so dumbfounded by this, it took me minutes to recover.  I wrote back and said, "Did you put them into the padded envelope ripped, creased and damaged"?  No response.  Nothing.

I waited and emailed again, asking him what he intended to do about this.  Again, no response.

So, I open up an incident report and finally got a response from him.  Problem is, he's rude and lying through his teeth.  He tells me he was slow in responding due to the fact that he was answering questions because of the incident report I opened and went on to tell me how wonderful his feedback is and I never should have opened the report.  NOW, he says he will issue a refund however, he transferred all the money out of his PayPal account and now I have to wait for him to transfer money BACK into his account.  After waiting another 5 days, PayPal informed me they issued the refund.  From day one after opening the incident report, PayPal informed me they would be the ones investigating the problem and if it's not resolved within 7 days of opening the report, they would automatically issue a refund, so that made me feel better.  

I can't even look at these, it makes me sick to think how badly this was handled.  I hope some day to get the dog out of the envelope and maybe I can do some repairs to it from the back and get it looking good enough to hang on my wall.


VintageEmbellishment said...

I just mailed out yours from here, it is wrapped in bubble wrap, laying on a bed of styrofoam popcorn, popcorn and bubble wrap on the a box...hope it makes it OK...It is a white gift box but that is the only box I could find that it would fit in....

peppercorns said...

Oh my goodness! Why would anyone not have the decency to protect these paintings, or anything they ship? I'm so sorry this happened to you!

Doodle said...

I'm in shock. I can't believe how some people respond, and after being returned for more postage? How could he NOT think it happened in the mail! Glad to hear that Paypal was ready to step in.

Runs With Scissors said...

I'm sure it will be okay, VE! I just sent your items out too but I just threw them into a box and off they went. :o)

Jennie said...

Ah, Karen- this disturbs me to no end. I am so sorry for your loss and your trouble. People like this make it hard for all resellers. I try not to be offended when someone leaves a note to seller saying "please pack very well"- they've obviously dealt with this kind of unfortunate occurrence.

VintageVendor said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry about the dog PBN. I hope this person learned a lesson in packaging and what nerve he has to be rude. Glad to hear you got your money back though.

VintageVendor said...
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