Friday, October 8, 2010


Sometimes I just wonder why. This is one of those times:
I found a bag of erasers and just had to have them! There's 45 erasers there.

It's funny how things work. I found all the following items today in three different shops!

Plastic wall plaque.

Two plastic wall pockets by Burwood.

Bear wall pocket by Burwood.

Mug with nose that sticks out! I had a dish that matched this earlier and was happy to find the mug!

There was this plastic bag with these Christmas items inside it.

I think it was compressed because as I started pulling things out of the bag, they just kept coming and coming!

There's 78 handmade Christmas ornaments!

This was something fun to find.
I wasn't sure what it was! It looked like a bread box from afar, when I got closer, I saw it was metal. It's very heavy and very cool!

It's a roll top file cabinet!

Even the label is cool!


Doodle said...

That bag of Christmas stuff is pretty amazing, but I must admit, erasers? That's just too funny. Are you gonna carve them or something? My thrift stores don't have those cool things ~ I think I must travel farther to find some. Nice job ~ I always love to see what you find out there! : )

Jennie said...

That file cabinet is AWESOME! What a find!

VintageEmbellishment said...

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