Friday, October 22, 2010

Day Two of Vacation

Day two of my vacation and it's going way too fast.

When the sun finally came up this morning, it proved to be worth the wait!  It was just a beautiful day and what a great time to be in Amish country!  The fields are just beautiful and there's pumpkin patch after pumpkin patch!  The sky was so blue and it was perfect temperature wise.  There was a 4 mule team plowing a field, awesome to see and some horse and buggies out getting the families to the grocery stores, even the horses had extra spring in their steps today.  The leaves are changing to such amazing colors and are right in line with all the beautiful mums that are in full bloom.  Anyone that doesn't appreciate all the wonders of nature, needs to check their pulse!

My first stop of the day was Green Dragon Farmer's Market.  As I pulled into one part of the parking lot, I noticed coming in the other direction this huge farm wagon filled with Fall decorations like mums and pumpkins.  It was being drawn by horses!  Very cool to see.  I forget where I am some times, there's a local Walmart with horse and buggy parking!  On the outer edge of the market, farmers bring in loads of hay and then they are auctioned off to people who need it. 

The indoor buildings are open all year round.  There's a lot of butchers with smoked meats, local produce and homemade baked goods.  I come to this market each trip for one purpose only, to see Janet and visit her antique booth!  She's an amazing lady.  Well into her 80's, she still attends auctions each week to purchase items for her booth.  She has a wonderful knack of finding great, unusual items and she likes to pass along savings to those who visit her booth.  Don't even think about asking her for a discount!  Nope, not going to happen, she'll tell you her prices are all ready low enough!  LOL!  She told me today she's not sure how long she will continue doing this, she has to leave in the dark in the morning and go home in the dark at night and she has a 25 mile drive.  I do understand where she is coming from, but I sure hope she'll still be there next year!

I stayed with Janet a lot longer than I usually do.  We had fun going through her items and some things we were unable to identify, but it was fun trying!  She kept saying, I have no idea what it is or why I bought it, I'm just hoping someone will tell me what it is!  We did come up with a few items that I could help but not all of them.  One item I couldn't resist for her price was a glass double egg cup looking thing.  I said this is way too large for an egg cup, what do you think?  She thinks it might be a massive master double salt.  I will do research on this later!  I spent way too much time and money in her booth but am pleased with what I walked away carrying!  I had to go buy a shopping bag.  I have 3 reusable bags in my car but always forget to take them with me!  Anyway, I got some more souvenir glass, one dated from the 1800's, so I'm anxious to do research on my finds!
 The second antique booth has some interesting items that I couldn't pass up!  Across from her is her husband that had, guess what?  No, not a paint by number but I was able to wrangle out a box of sheet music from him!  Now I must leave, seriously, I couldn't carry everything to my car!  I had no choice but to stop and buy another shopping bag!
I found a few new places to stop and stopped at more places than I had planned to.  Picked up some vintage paper tablets that I will make some paper beads out of, some rolls of paper (don't ask) and a few other items here and there.  Sorry I don't have any photos to share with you but that will have to wait until I get home and unpacked!  WAY too many items to list today.

On my final stop of the day, what did I spy?  Now you are correct, but it's not your ordinary paint by number!  I found a metal tray with PBN pheasants on it!  I can hang it on the wall with the giant PBN from yesterday!

Oh, I must tell Country this because I thought of her when I saw it.  I purchased an old primitive noodle cutter!  At least, that's what I think it is!  It's some type of cutter that rolls.  LOL!

Until tomorrow!  


Doodle said...

I am beyond jealous and envious of your travels. Sounds like an awesome day. And I just picture your surroundings with all your details. Thanks for the great post and can't wait to see pics. And I'm sure Country will be wanting to see that cutter asap!

VintageVendor said...

Wow! You really got some neat things. I loved hearing about The Green Dragon. Wish I was there with you!