Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vacation - Day 1

I'm on one of my weekend antique sprees!  A MUCH needed break, if I must say so myself.

I love staying in hotels.  Is that weird?  I love turning on all the lights and not giving it another thought!  Or taking very long hot showers!  Not having to get up and down to let a dog out or in. 

I treated myself to a suite this time and am really in love this time!  It's huge!  Has a sofa, kitchen nook, table and chairs to sit and eat.  I may never leave.

Didn't find too much today.  A few craft items and that was about it until I decided to stop at a church run thrift shop.  I had been to this one only one time and wasn't that thrilled with the prices so I debated as to whether or not to stop this trip.  I finally decided I may as well stop.  When I pulled into the parking lot, a gentleman was getting out of his car and I noticed his lights were on.  I thought, they are probably the type that shut themselves off after a few seconds, so I noted what the man looked like and watched his car.  When they didn't go off, I went into the shop and hunted him down.  I told him his lights were on and he looked at me like I was crazy!  He says to ME, why would I turn my lights on?  Well, okay then.  I said I don't know but they are on.  I guess that was my good deed for the day and I was rewarded for it. 

I turned around to go back to the front and start shopping when this huge picture grabbed my eye.  Yep, you guessed it, a huge paint by number!  Larger than I have ever seen before!  I scanned for a price and saw one.  I thought, does that say $100.00?  Oh, they will probably get that for it, too.  I moved closer and looked again, the price was only $10.00!!!!!!  Move out of my way, this puppy is MINE! 

It is so large, especially the frame on it, that I couldn't walk with it unless I took a step, moved the picture, took another step, moved the picture etc.  I was laughing at myself and wondering if I could get this into my car.  I don't care, it's mine. 

I left it at the register while I shopped around but nothing else was mine.  There was two men sitting on a bench waiting for their ladies and they had comments for me, I don't care, it's MINE!  Now, let's get it out to the car.  This time, I tucked it up under my armpits and off I went.  I had to go down some steps and the darn thing is hitting each step as I went down.  I don't care, it's MINE!

Get it out to the car, open the trunk and I'm thinking, I think I can, I think I can.  Well, I can't, it came up a few inches too short.  Well, just fold down the back seats and I'm in great shape.  I could NOT figure out how to get them to go down and the whole time I'm thinking, those men are in that shop, placing bets that I wouldn't get this in my car.  So, I took it out of the trunk and carefully placed in my back seat, so there, you two old men that didn't think I could do it!

I needed the luggage cart to get it into my hotel room.  And now for the the moment you are all waiting for!  I found this photo of it online (at the PBN museum):
It's called Indian Summer and is 27 x 36 unframed.
Taken from the catalog:
Hidden away deep in the woods a cabin watches Indian Summer . . . nature in her most lavish mood spreads the colors from her pallete with gay abandon.

This is a 90 color oil painting done on canvas!  
More research found this:
Woohoo!!!!  How cool is that?  Made my day!


10Yen said...

coolest finds EVER! I'd be dancing! And I agree with you hotel staying..heaven :) now to only become insanely rich to keep up my hotel hopping habit up ;)

Jennie said...

How totally awesome! Go you!!! I'm so jealous of your jaunt... I may have to try that one day.