Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taking a break from my finds...

Does this just look like a mass of moldy moss?

Well, the first day of my trip, I stopped at The Craft Warehouse, which is always a mistake! Like I need more paper or more projects.
I saw this yarn and had to have it. I purchased two skeins and knitting needles and headed for the hotel.
The first evening, I was over halfway done with the scarf. I was in love. The second day of my trip, I went back to the craft shop and purchased two more colors.
I finished the first scarf the second evening and immediately started the second one.

This yarn is amazing! It has the feel of cashmere and you just want to bury your face in it!

The first scarf went the second my friend saw it, the second one is for a birthday present.

I have one more color to do, a Faded Jeans color and can't wait to get to it!

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