Friday, August 21, 2009

Freaky Friday

Here is this week's edition of Freaky Friday!
From Loopy Ladies :

Loopy Art Doll Toby

From blarg's shop :

Big stupid zombie

And the next ones brought to you by goodgosh :



goodgosh said...

why does it feel weird to have my scabs on the internet? LOL

I'm not a dork.

Runs With Scissors said...

OMG, you found me! Who told you?


goodgosh said...

I see everything.

How's that for freaky?

laruefashions said...

Ouch Goodgosh! I hope it gets well fast, and without too much pain.

Wow, that loopy shop is creepy yet kinda cool at the same time. Art is art! Gotta love it!

Runs With Scissors said...

I agree, LaRue! I love loopy, her stuff is amazing!