Wednesday, August 26, 2009


With summer winding down, I wanted to get a few more photos of my flowers before they are gone. The first ones are balloon flowers, they start out looking like little puffs and then open up to these wonderful flowers! I have them in white, pink, blue and double blooms. They are fun to squeeze a little and help them open! Kids love them!
Sunchokes. They are very pretty and goldfinch love them. Me, not so much anymore, they multiply like crazy.

These wonderful little flowers are toad lilies. These things work so hard to grow! They have to grow with the sunchokes and always poke through!

These are pond lilies. I only have one lily but it blooms one color, last for three days and each day it's a different color bloom. I have two blooming at the same time and you can see the difference in colors! But yes, it's the same plant.

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