Friday, August 7, 2009

Freaky Friday!

There's some very strange and freaky items on Etsy! Think I'll try to highlight some of them! Here's some cute bacon magnets from DesignDude's shop :
8 - Bacon Slices Magnets
Brain bobby pins from RatBoygirl's shop :
Brain bobbi pins
Tentacle plant from teethandsnarlz's shop:
Tentacle Plant - pink and blue
Baby plays with axe? From NayArts's shop
BABY PLAYS WITH AXE - PRINT of Original Mixed Media Altered DOLL ART Painting by LAS VEGAS Artist NAY
New Blood: Labart's shop
New Blood
Not sure which is more distasteful, the photo or the extremely LONG title, I lose interest half way through titles this this, from sweetheartsinner's shop:
Very Strange Postmortem Couple in Two Coffin Victorian Turn of the Century Era Based Design Till Death Do We Part and Not Even Then Deranged Handmade Handcasted Metal Pendant handpainted black and ballchain Necklace
Okay, this one has grown on me, from GutenMonsters's shop:

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RedRedCompletelyRed said...

Hehe, love the bacon magnets :)