Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More Christmas projects

Today's projects are now finished!
Here are my supplies:

How cute are those jars?  I found them at the dollar store!  Decorative filler, bottle brush trees and miniature figures.
So easy to do!  Fill the jars with the filler and just stick things inside!  The jars are small so I only put two items in each one and kept with the snowman theme on the lids:

Now, if only I could take nice photos of them.

Then, I took some glass cubes I had in the basement and put some more filler in those and used things I had been picking up at antique shops.

Snowman with deer.

One more of the same:

And the second one I did:

My country house.  LOL!

I love how the glass distorts the items a bit.

Do you think I should bury the wood stands down into the filler? 
The blocks fit nicely into the cubes of my small cabinet.  Will get photos as soon as I get my wall tree in place.



Julie said...

These are adorable! No, I think the bases are so adorable being seen above the snow!

Runs With Scissors said...

Thanks Julie! I like seeing the bases, too but wasn't sure if I should leave them that way. :o)

VintageVendor said...

They all make me smile!! I like the bases on the outside also. Makes it even more interesting color and texture wise.