Thursday, December 18, 2014

More Christmas

New this year is my cardboard houses.  Since this photo was taken, I found the most awesome wagon made from cardboard and added it to the display, it's not shown in this photo though.

My cabinet with all the displays:

My gumball tree:

I made a complete forest of paper art trees atop candlestick holder (tree trunks) but just can't get a decent photo of it, here's just a small part of the forest on top of my vintage file cabinet:

My kitschy retro wall shelf with handmade ornament wreaths (next year, this will be loaded with kitschy Christmas stuff!!!)

My bathroom!

Love the Kleenex box I found at Dollar General.

A friend of mine gave me these Snowpeople so long ago!

Cellophane wreaths are a new addition this year.

For the first time since we got the shed, we decided to hang wreaths off the doors and I just love it!

Happy Holidays!

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