Friday, May 27, 2011

Vintage Finds Continued . . .

I love old glass!  Filled with imperfections.  This used to hold an ink bottle but I think it can be used for so many other things, like paperclips, rings, jewelry of all types etc.  It has some great old bubbles and a straw mark in it.  Um, might have to keep it.
This definitely is mine, all mine!  A perfect example of EAPG.  It is sun purpled, which some people prefer to stay away from, but not me, I love it even more.  I might even use this for its intended purpose, spoons!
A Bakelite handled strainer spoon and table doily, found some nice linens in the new shop!
These look almost like a child did them!  Maybe a first cross stitch project.
I love this set!  They aren't dirty, you are just seeing shadows.
Another metal file box.  I guess I'm collecting these!  I found it at my first stop for only $3.00 and it came in handy on this trip!  I filled it to the top with smalls.
I found this at a flea market.  It's a glass baseball that I'm pretty sure used to hold candy.
The tag on it says "Souvenir of Atlantic City" and the base has a slot so you can use it as a bank now.
Some fun, funky things I picked up at a few antique shops.  The cat and mouse letter holder is a howl!  Another single bowling trophy, I seem to find a lot of these in this area of the state!  And lastly, a Bakelite handled corn stripper.

Stay tuned for more!

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VintageVendor said...

That spooner is a beauty. I wonder why some don't care for the purple color. I love it myself.

Love the corn stripper. Can't decide if I like what it's used for or the Bakelite handle most!