Saturday, May 28, 2011


I really don't pay too much attention to clothing, but this caught my eye!  It was only $3.50 so what the heck. When I got to the register, I found out it was on sale and it was only $1.75!!  It's a wonderful camp shirt that really isn't my color but I thought I'd cope, why not?
When I got home and really looked at it, it has a Tori Richard tag on it and one of the older tags.  I don't think it's ever been worn.  I looked up Tori Richard and found out these shirts don't sell new for under $75.00!  This one is 100% cotton and very soft.  It's a keeper!
A red Bakelite handled spatula.
These are fun!  A boatload of children's cooking and baking pieces!  The coffee pot has Little Bo Peep on it.
Isn't it too cute?

More items in the lot.
Cookie sheets, rolling pins and a mixer.
A scoop, strainer and cookie cutters!

Also, found a primitive enameled butter cutter, retro plastic letter holder, Tupperware flower organizer and a boatload of jewelry!  I've started listing the jewelry in my Etsy shop, you can look at it here:    

Have a great weekend!

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VintageVendor said...

Cute, cute children's kitchen stuff. The coffee pot is a real find as is the camp shirt.

You outdid yourself this time.