Saturday, September 5, 2009

I've been fleeced!

I'm all into this felting thing, so I look around for bargains! Wow, what have I done? I purchased a pound of raw fleece, right off the sheep! Little did I know!

The above photos are of the raw fleece, it's sheared and put into tissue paper and sent to me.
First thing I notice is the smell! I pick it up and you can feel all the oils on it. I start to wash it, the mud and dirt just poured out of it. Next, I wash it in Dawn dishwashing liquid to remove the dirt and oils.
The next photos are of the fleece after it's been washed. You'd be amazed at what you find in this stuff. Like straw, food, seeds, brambles and well, okay, the occasional um, dingleberry. If you know what I mean!
The next step would normally be carding. It's necessary to remove impurities and such. Well, I don't own carding tools and they are too expensive to purchase for just one project. I used an old dog brush. It's not as fine toothed as I would have liked, but it worked. You might find a small piece of straw still stuck in it, but it did a pretty nice job. Just look how the finished wool looks! It's so soft and I must admit, smells a whole lot better! I have so much of this that I was forced to put the leftover into a scented garbage bag so my house would stop smelling like a barnyard.


Bridget said...

OMG you're brave... I probably would have thrown it out. Can you buy it pre-cleaned?

Runs With Scissors said...

lol, yes bridget you can, but then it's really expensive! I'm an old country girl, so I can handle it! It actually was fun to do and see it from the beginning to the end!

Doodle said...

Runs, you never cease to amaze me!!! And yes, I get the "dingleberry"... And have you finished your project with it yet? Will you post it here so I can see it? You know I get so nosey with all your stuff!!!

carolb said...

Hey there runs! You ARE brave, this is so interesting, no wonder felting wool costs more! I think I see a leaf behind there! You are so creative with your displays...
are you make felted beads (orbs) with it?
---Love your blog!