Friday, September 4, 2009

Featured Seller

I wanted to show some amazing pieces of pottery! The first is a leaf, made using a real maple leaf!
The second item is a tiny bowl with sea green glaze.
These came from Carol at:
Carol explains her process: "I always use maple leaves because they have such a pretty shape with all the points and great veins. I press the actual maple leaf into the clay, fire it with the leaves still on the clay (it just burns away). Then I color it with an oxide wash over the fired leaf, and fire it again to make the color permanent."
Stop by her shop and have a look at many other wonderful items that Carol makes! She's such a great talent and a great person to boot!


Almost Precious said...

The leaf looks so life-like and the bowl is enchanting. Will have to give her shop a look.

carolb said...

Thank you so much for featuring me !! What a nice display you made and great pictures. I love those little felted balls you make. You have made my day!!!

laruefashions said...

I love Carol's work. Her bowls and leaves are beautiful. She is truly an artist!