Friday, June 19, 2009

More Thrifty Finds!

More thrift shop finds! I love this craft book, it has some really nice projects to do!
Look at this night light done with a glass tile, paint and glass gems:
Simple wooden jack-o-lanterns:
Witches hats made with small clay flower pots!
Star cookies:
Curtains made from old linen hankies:
Simple lace candle ring:
Photo holders made with wooden blocks:

I think this is my favorite! Normal baseballs turned into these:
Okay, these might not excite you as much as they do me! Peanuts books, just image the beads I can make!

Let's all do the Snoopy Dance together, shall we? LOLOLOL! Oh, in case you are wondering, I paid $1.50 for the craft book and .27 cents for each one of the Peanuts Books!

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