Saturday, June 27, 2009


I know people having been waiting for this! I hope I don't disappoint anyone!
Yep, you got it!! It's a dog bed for my princess!
Now, you might say, she won't go into that (that is what my hubby said as he rolled his eyes and shook his head!)
Well, see for yourself!

When she's done, I'll load up the pockets with her toys. Fun thing about this is, I only paid $2.00 for the suitcase! My hubby had to buy a piece of steel to keep the lid propped open but it's worth it, I think.


Angela said...

I love old suitcases and that is a great new use for one!

VintageVendor said...

Sorry, but I can' help it. I'm laughing so hard!!!
Sadie looks quite comfy in it.

jen said...

she looks like she LOVES it! and who could blame her? it's such a great idea! a dog in a suitcase...what more could you want in life?

Doris said...

I love this idea. How great!! :)