Sunday, February 1, 2015


Went out antiquing yesterday with a friend.  We had planned on going to three co-ops but spent so much time in the first two that we never made it to the third one!  LOL!

Didn't come home with much but managed to find a few things I had to have!

I have been wanting a step stool for a long time now, I finally got tired of the hubby yelling at me because I stand on a chair to reach the kitchen cabinets!  I looked at new ones, which I love but they were getting bad reviews.  They just don't make stuff like they used to!

 I finally found this one yesterday and it is perfect!

Got this little gadget for re-sale.  The color is just awesome!

This is all mine!

And so are these:

Red tartan plaid bowling shoe carrier!

Drumsticks, yes, drumsticks:

Now, have absolutely no clue what this is but I found it interesting and can just see it hanging in a primitive farmhouse!

These come off the hanger and look like a funnel.  Each one is stamped with numbers from 1 through 36.  

I'm going to need to show it to some groups I'm in and see if anyone knows what it is.