Monday, June 2, 2014

Thrift finds

Last week, I was able to get to two thrift shops and find a few items.
I decided to buy these protectors because I often print out patterns from the Internet for knitting or book folding and then I have these loose pages all over the place.  I am So glad I found them!  I paid $1.97 per box and looked them up on the Avery web site.  They charge $14.88 per box for them!  I love how organized my pages are now!
I've been picking up pants hangers when I can because they are fantastic to use with my paint by numbers that aren't framed!  Clip the picture into them and hang away!

Another critter for my shell animal collection!
Have you ever seen these before?
I think these are neat.  They suction onto the bottom of a bowl and you can arrange flowers in them.
I found a box before but it only had one arranger in it.  This one has both the larger and smaller hole ones inside the box!
And finally, these glass fruit.  I have no idea why I bought them but I did so now they are mine.  I felt like I had to rescue them, the three of them were thrown into a bag for anyone to pick up and clink them around.  I was lucky they weren't damaged but felt like it was just a matter of time!



Julie said...

I used to buy glass items like that for my daughter for a nice collection! I have often looked at the seashell creatures! That would be cool to have a collection of! Nice finds!!!

VintageVendor said...

Your little shell bear is adorable and I love the flower fashioners. You will be able to make some fun flower arrangements with those. Good finds once again.