Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flea Market Haul!

Wow, what a day!  We went to a flea market that I've never been to before and it was awesome!  Three trips to the car and a full trunk, look at our haul!

We found 17 paint by numbers, 3 paint by number sets, the metal lock box (complete with key), metal bookends, buttons, a photo, shelf liner, moving blanket and the best thing, my hubby got an old GSP unit because he wanted the power cord and he shocked me by bargaining!!  I just about fell over.
The sunglasses are from another flea market and the reason for them are because they are bi-focal sunglasses, so I can use them for driving and now when the police stop me and say do you know how fast you were going, I can say yes instead of guessing.  Since I got my new eyes, I can't see close up and need readers.  I don't need them for far away sight but like to have sunglasses for driving, then I can't see the gauges that are up close to me!  With these glasses, that should take care of that problem.
Let's look at things closer:

Lock box, sunglasses, photo and Bakelite buttons.

Bookends and oh so retro shelf liner paper!

Inside this box was an advertisement that I've read about before but never saw the actual item, this is probably as close as I'll ever get to it:

You'd send them a photo and they would make a paint by number for you!

Last Supper kit!  The details are way too much for me, good thing I have a few of these that are done!  

This one is fun!  It is set number two but only one picture is left inside but there is a frame in there, too!

The photo on the right in what is left in the box. 

Here it is with the frame.

Now the fun starts!  I get to research each one of these for names, manufacturer, size and dates for my web site!

This one has a funny story to it.  My hubby was inspecting it and said "this doesn't make any sense", I told him "unless the seagulls are swimming in the ocean, you have it upside down".  He turns it over and says "Oh, now it makes sense!"  This set the vendors off into a fit of laughter!  Me, I'm just rolling my eyes and shaking my head.
One thing, I do know the name of this one because it was shown in one of the brochures that was in with a kit.

 LOL, check out the deer!

I'll be adding all these and more details to my web site, come and check it out at but give me some time to get all these on!

Okay, let's talk numbers!!  GPS $5.00, moving blanket $5.00, shelf liner .25 cents, sunglasses $10.00, every thing else was only $1.00 a piece!!!!!!!  Can you believe it?  20 paint by number pictures and kits for $20.00.  That won't happen too often.



VintageVendor said...

HOLY MACKERAL. The first word that came to mind as I was looking at your haul was WOW and now I have to ask where will you store all your loot? I think you need a paint by number room. LOL

Runs With Scissors said...

LOL, I do need to organize again and make some more room. Um, a PBN room might be fun! Know anyone that can paint a PBN mural on a wall for me?