Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last of my weekend finds~

I found these three rings that I love!

The two have dried flowers in them and the last one is a reversed carved flower.

Got this at a thrift shop.

Wasn't sure what it was but I want it for soaps in the bathroom.  Along with this one, was three more styles:

I was thinking these will be perfect to organize my desk drawer with office supplies!

Don't you think they are perfect?  Well, when I got back to the hotel, I did research on them and found out they are dental trays!  LOLOL!  Could be worse, could be embalming tool holders!

These are way too cute!

They are like vintage bobble heads!

Their little heads are on springs.  I wasn't sure about those things in their mouths, I didn't think they should be smoking cigars but that's what they look like to me.  Now I know they are supposed to be pipes.

I wish I would have taken a photo of how the seller packs these.  She uses these clear plastic containers like you would use for a hamburger or hot dog at a WaWa.  She packs them filled with tissue paper, puts the items inside at the top then staples them closed.  All you see are the items, can't touch them or see the backs etc.

I thought they were cute!

She kind of squished the green one and I'm attempting to get it to stand on it's own again.  The trees are adorable!

BUT, what are they?  Now that I got them out of the container, look at the backs of them!

There's a plastic tube on the back.  Like they are to be pushed onto something to hold them onto a tree or something along those lines?  I'm investigating the possibility they might have come from JewelBrite ornaments but JewelBrites are made in USA and these are stamped Japan.  Any thoughts?

And my last ornament:

I think that's a muff hanging off the one arm!

Marked just JAPAN which helps date it!

That's it for this trip. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day Three of Shopping Finds

How can you not love this happy face spoon?

I got two of them and might, just might, have to keep one!

They say Splenda and Kool-Aid on them, have to find out how old they are.

Just look at the rainbow of colors!

They are a basketweave plate holders and I got lucky enough to get two of each color for a nice set of eight!

Some primitive looking kitchen utensils, one being red Bakelite.

Stay cool rolling pin.  You can put ice into the center chamber.

This was an odd thing I found at a thrift shop.  I love the looks and colors of it and thought it was a planter.  When I picked it up though, I was surprised.

That hole isn't large enough for a plant!  While at an antique co-op, I started talking to a man that helped me with my lamp and asked him if he had any idea what it could be and he said a lamp base!  OMG, he was so right.  I found a few more online but not one of them have any lamp parts with them.  Did they start to make the pottery and then the deal fell through with the lamp makers?  I have an idea what I need to find to make it into a lamp, so I'll keep looking!  Upon looking really hard, I found USA marked under the glaze, it's really hard to see but there.  Wouldn't it just be adorable in a baby nursery?

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day Two of Vintage

This was by far the best time to go to the outdoor flea markets!  It was the last weekend for them and dealers don't want to pack things up so I was getting anywhere from 50% to 75% off!

I got 2 opalescent pieces for myself for only $2.00 each!!!!

What is this?  A cordial?  I know a votive candle would fit perfectly inside it.

This is a beautiful bowl!  I'd say it's a vegetable bowl size, it's that large.

Love the open feet on it!

 Pretty depression glass dish.

It's handpainted.

Found a boatload of Christmas ornaments!

I think I'm going to fill a bowl with these for the holidays.

You really didn't think I'd come home without at least one of these, did you?

Paint by number tray and two small pictures.  Yes, I did show some restraint this time and passed on some!

I love picking something like this up on my first stop and then filling it up with breakable smalls along the way!
More to come tomorrow!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Thrifting and Antique Shopping

I didn't take photos each day so these won't be in any type of order.

Here are some wooden items!  Two rulers for my collection, two hooks but I don't know what they are for because they don't stand up on their own and they don't have a way to hang them and four bobbins.

I came across these older knitting needles:

How do I know they are older?  They are marked with this:

Grants is a store that has been out of business since the 70's.

Don't ask.  I wanted this for my desk.

More wooden bowling trophies!

Some Pez dispensers:

Close up:

What is up with these, I can't seem to resist these.  I now have a small collection of them!  Mostly owls, so these excite me!

I found this box of Jewel Brite Ornaments and had to have them.  I'm now looking for an aluminum wall hanging Christmas tree to display them on!
And here's that name again.  Amazing they were only .88 cents:

And can't keep from showing this one off right away!  My best find!

It is so funky cool!  Fiberglass bullet gooseneck lamp!  

Stay tuned for more!